Customer Resources

We have established this page to provide you with quick links to our 3rd party products and resources that will assist you with placing your order at Digital Xpress.

Georgia Department Of Revenue and Taxation Resale Certificate
If you are a Georgia based business you will be charged taxes on all Digital Xpress orders. You will need to download and complete the ST-5 form and fax it to 1-770-931-2024 if you would like to be exempt from paying taxes.

ST-5 Tax Form

United States Postal Service Application for Nonprofit
Standard Mail Rates at Additional Mailing Office

Any organization currently authorized to mail at the Nonprofit Standard Mail rates at one post office may obtain authorization to mail at those rates at an additional mailing office (described in Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) E670.8.0) by completing this form. Please down load this form and refer to the information for Nonprofit Mailing Rates on the Mailing page for additional requirements.

PS Form 3623
Sample of Non-Profit Request Letter

Third Party Downloads/Links
The following 3rd party downloads are offered and maintained by 3rd party companies. Digital Xpress does not support these downloads in any way. Please read the description provided before you download software to your computer.

Download Mozilla Firefox
Firefox Internet Web Browser.

Download Safari
Safari Internet Web Browser.

Download Adobe Reader
Adobe Acrobat Reader will allow you to view PDF files. You will need this to view your PDF proof.

Download Stuffit Expander
Stuffit Standard Edition Demo is a 15 day trial – third party product that allows you to compress and uncompress Macintosh files.

WinZip is a third party product that allows you to compress and uncompress Windows files.