10 Types of amazing businesses you can build after 6 p.m.

That daytime job of yours may be terrific. But there’s one thing that is far more rewarding and meaningful than good pay and benefits: being your own boss. There are several different, quick, and easy ways that you can bring in some extra income while still in your day job. Whether you live in a […]

Find Your Company’s Sweet Spot

Here is a simple template to find the best leverage point to grow your company… How do you find the best places to focus your company’s limited time, attention, and money? Simple – go for the “Sweet Spot.” Here’s how. Every business has a “Limiting Factor” (capital L; capital F). Your company’s Limiting Factor is […]

Three tips for turning a business idea into a reality

Getting your ideas off the ground can be daunting, but three young entrepreneurs explain how they brought their whiteboard sketches to life. Tonight, Shell will crown the winner of its annual LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, created to recognise some of the UK’s most innovative and inspirational low-carbon businesses and sustainability entrepreneurs. Here, […]